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I am the PORTAL!
I am the one. 
I am everything. 

I am pure energy, and universal energy is at my command.

I am pure energy, I collapse my intentions and desires into pure energy, and increase and magnify that energy. I increase the speed and flow of this energy, I fill up my inner space with this energy. 

I manifest within first and then my outer reality follows. 
This is the full reclamation of...
The power to create. 
Only I decide. 
Only I choose. 
Only I direct. 
Only I allow. 

Only I am the pure energy that creates my world. 
Only I am the portal. 
Only I am everything. 

The price will increase over time as more details are unveiled. 
We being in March. 

I'm deeply in love with the mystery. 
I would love to see you there. 

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